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Buying your first home?

Congratulations! Your first home purchase is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of your life as well as one of the greatest investments you will make. We want to help make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible. The first step you want to take is finding your agent to act as your buying representative. As buyer’s representatives we will take care of the hassles of everyday real estate transactions for you. When you select me as your buying representative by signing a Buyer’s Agency Agreement with me, it allows you to concentrate on your full-time job, while we do ours. From the moment you sign the agreement, you are simply agreeing to “hire” a personal representative who, by law, must represent your best interests to the best of his/her ability. This personalized service is available at NO COST TO YOU! The Seller’s Agent is responsible for paying your Buyer’s Agent fee. We will guide you through the home-buying process and exclusively represent your interests as we help you find a home, present your contract offer, negotiate, and close on your home. We will provide you with up-to-date information on the real estate market, available homes, neighborhood information, and other pertinent and valuable information to help you make this first purchase your best purchase.

Purchasing your first home will be a breeze as we educate you throughout the process on what guidelines you should follow, what questions should you ask, what specific terminology means, how to make an offer, and what to do from offer to closing. The advantage to signing a Buyer’s Agency Agreement with me is that you will have a professional agent working to find and secure the ideal home for you. It is nearly impossible to find a home that meets your needs, get a contract negotiated, and close the transaction without an experienced agent. You won’t need to spend endless evenings and weekends driving around looking for homes or trying to search computer networks by yourself. When you tour homes with your professional Buyer’s

Agent, you will already know that the homes meet your criteria and are within your price range. Buying your first home should be one of the best experiences of your life. Together we can make your new home purchasing dream a reality AND your purchasing reality a dream!

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